Program Day

23 exciting project presentations at Swedish Mining Innovation Program Day 2023

2023 the Swedish Mining Innovation Program Day was held at Vinnova’s office in Stockholm. 23 of our ongoing projects presented their work at the event where they talked about goals of the project, project plan, project results, dessemination and the next steps.

“We had a very intense day with ongoing projects presenting their results so far, some closer to implementation and delivering impact, some earlier in the development phase. It was exciting to see that our program’s projects are leading to very positive impacts on the Swedish mining and metals sector, as well as for society at large” Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager, Swedish Mining Innovation.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can take part in their project presentations here:

Strategic project presentations

Pre-study presentations

Full scale & Pilot presentations

Program Day 2023

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Swedish Mining Innovation

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