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Strategic innovation program for the Swedish Mining and Metal producing industry

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11 November 2021

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18 November 2021

Katarina Nilsson Svemin

New study: Climate ambitions and metal needs – Opportunities for Sweden and the Swedish mining industry

The most important driving force for increased demand for many metals until 2050 will be the climate transition. That is shown in a new report from Svemin that was launched in September. The…


Over thirty projects were presented in a digital buffet

Last week, Swedish Mining Innovation’s annual Program day was held as a digital event. During the day, current information was presented on what is happening along the entire value chain, everything from the…


Mining event brought academia and industry together: “It is important to work towards a common goal”

Caption: Amy Loutfi, vice rector for AI and Innovation at Örebo University, launched Mining @ ORU. The purpose of Mining @ ORU was to bring academia and business closer together and at the…


EIT RawMaterials Call for projects 2022 (KAVA 9) is now open!

EIT RawMaterials Call for projects 2022 (KAVA 9) is now open! Take the opportunity to attend the Brokerage event on 13 October. Read more Go to call


Minergy Scouting is looking for the world’s best tech problem solver

Don’t miss out the workshops that Minergy Scouting is preparing to find the world’s best technological problem solver for the technological challenges in the energy and mining sector. On September 1st there will…


Simon Larsson (handledare), Albin Wessling (doktorand), Jörgen Kajberg (handledare), Bengt Wikman (diskutant)

Hello there Albin Wessling, who just took his licentiate degree in solid mechanics

At the beginning of the summer, on June 18, Albin Wessling took his licentiate degree with his thesis “Towards Discrete Element Modelling of Rock Drilling”. Albin is a member of Swedish Mining Innovation’s…


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26 October 2021

Svemins Miljökonferens 2021

Svemins Miljökonferens 2021

8 November 2021

Swedish Mining Innovation Board meeting

8 November 2021

Swedish Mining Innovation General Assembly

8 –10 November 2021

Swedish Mining Innovation PhD Student Network Career Week

The Career week event will be hosted on a virtual platform, and the schedule is divided into two…

18 November 2021

Svemins Höstmöte 2021

Svemins Höstmöte 2021


24 miljoner till att stärka miljö- och klimatutmaningar inom gruvindustrin


Vilken roll spelar gruvnäringen för regionens utveckling? Lyssna på Maria Sunér Fleming, VD #Svemin och Lotta Sartz, Swedish Mining Innovation på #Hindersmässan Näringsliv den 28/1. Programmet hittar du på

Are you a first or second year student? Join us as we build a better, greener future! Sign up for the Swedish Mining Innovation Student Tour. #ssab #lkab #boliden

AI – nödvändig möjliggörare för hållbar gruvproduktion!? Följ med den 17 februari när vi djupdyker i vad #AI egentligen är, och hur AI kan skapa nya värden och öka konkurrenskraften för svensk gruvindustri?

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