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Previous winners

Winner 2020

Sencept AB
Iman Vakili och Iman Mohajeri, Sencept AB

Iman Vakili och Iman Mohajeri, Sencept AB
Sencept AB, “Intelligent Radar Sensor for Autonomous Mining”

Jury’s motivation: AI and intelligent sensors have a rapidly growing importance for the development of Sweden’s mining industry. Sencept AB has developed a 4D radar sensor that can detect an object’s position in three dimensions and furthermore the speed. AI is used to identify different types of objects such as machines and people. This solution increases productivity while providing a safer and more attractive work environment which contributes to increased gender equality in the long run. It is also positive that there is a well-composed team behind the idea and that there is potential to reach an international market.

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Winners 2019

SIP STRIM’s winner – Atium AB, “Innovation for more efficient and sustainable purification of water from mercury”

Jury’s motivation: Mercury is one of the ten most dangerous substances for human health, according to WHO. At the same time, it is an extensive global problem. Many industries, including the mining industry, handle mercury in process and waste water. Atium AB develops a more efficient and sustainable technology to selectively clean water from mercury with a reusable filter. The method can clean low concentrations in an energy-efficient manner. The idea has a great development potential because purification of mercury is a global need, and there are also opportunities to develop the method for purifying water from other heavy metals.

EIT RawMaterials winner – ReVibe Energy, “Wireless recording and analysis of vibrations and shocks for monitoring equipment in mining and industrial environments”

Jury’s motivation: An innovation that will enable new capabilities for EIT RM value chain in improving maintenance and efficiency by detecting and collecting data with higher accuracy and capacity in a mobile and battery driven environment.

Winners 2018

Winner SIP STRIM – MBV Systems, “3DPM”

Jury motivation: A well performed pitch presenting an idea that addresses an important challenge – real time measurement of granular materials fragmentation. The winning team is highly qualified and the idea has potential to increase both resource efficiency and energy efficiency.

Winner EIT RM – ReVibe Energy AB, “Powering the Industrial Internet of Things”

Jury motivation: A well preformed pitch and highly qualified team with an innovative and potentially power saving technology of high interest for the EIT RawMaterials value chain.

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Winners 2017


WideFind AB, “Noggrann positionering inomhus”

Innan AB, “VRSE System”

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Winners 2016

ThingWave AB, “Enhanced Mining Safety by Rock bolt Monitoring”

Sustainalube AB, “Environmentally Friendly, Oil-Free, Lubricants”


Winners 2015

Minalyze AB, “Potentialen av innovativ borrkärneskanning inom gruv- och prospekteringsindustrin”

Northern Mining Products AB, “Dynamiska bergbultar för människa, miljö och ekonomi”