19 new projects granted funding


It is now official which projects that have been granted funding in SIP STRIM’s latest call “Towards a sustainable development in the mining and metal mining industry”. The announcement, which closed on November 7, 2019, aims to fund projects that meet the social challenges defined in the industry’s strategic research and innovation agenda. Of the 36 project applications submitted, 14 feasibility studies, 1 pilot project and 4 full-scale projects have been granted funding of a total of SEK 20.6 million.

The project applications that are submitted to SIP STRIM’s open calls are assessed by Vinnova’s evaluation panel by an international panel of experts. As soon as startup reports have been submitted, more detailed information about each project can be found on both Vinnovas and SIP STRIM’s web.

Lawrence Hooey, Technology and Innovation Manager at SIP STRIM is pleased with the result of the announcement – We see this as a very successful call for proposals with projects that will further strengthen the Swedish mining industry. The projects awarded span over several innovation areas, with everything from mining technology, the environment, metallurgy, mineral technology and exploration. But it is also gratifying to see that, in addition to technical projects, there are also two projects that address broader social issues.

During the year, SIP STRIM has invested a lot in getting new players into the program. – It is extremely pleasing that we see that the work we have done has produced results. Among other things, we have visited universities and other actors to inform about the opportunities SIP STRIM offer. This has resulted in a large spread of actors in the projects and in addition 18 completely new actors to the program. This is an important part of the Swedish innovation system, because it is precisely through meetings between different players and actors from different industries that new innovative solutions can be found.

The following 14 feasibility studies have been granted funding:

ME – Mosa elefanten
ME- Mash the elephant
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 498 000 kr
Partners: Boliden, LKAB

AG-Test Småskaliga tester för uppskalning av autogenmalning
AG-test Small scale tests for autogenous grinding scale-up
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 498 000 kr
Partners: Boliden

Utvärdering av en drönarbaserad metod för säker och kostnadseffektiv mätning av ytvattenflöden i gruvrecipienter
Evaluation of a drone-based method for safe and cost-effective monitoring of surface water flows in mine recipients
Project leader: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB
Funding granted: 500 000 kr
Partners: LKAB, Stockholms Universitet

Metallurgi på Dictyonemaskiffer
Metallurgy of Dictyonema
Project leader: Scandivanadium AB
Funding granted: 500 000 kr
Partners: Geologica, RISE

Off-road Dynamic Charging
Project leader: Volvo Construction Equipment AB
Funding granted: 500 000 kr
Partners: Lunds Universitet

Modelling for the selection of remediation strategies for TSF
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 500 000 kr

Nya optiska fibrer för gasavkänning: applicering i krävande miljöer
Novel optical fibre gas sensors: application in harsh enviroment
Project leader: RISE
Funding granted: 466 000 kr

FILTRENE MINING Process: Återvinning av värdefulla metaller från vattenströmmen i gruvindustrin
FILTRENE MINING solution: Recovery of valuable metals from water stream in mining industry

Project leader: Grafren AB
Funding granted: 473 000 kr
Partners: Swerim, Boliden

Modellering av hydraulslangar för underjordiska gruvmaskiner
Predictive modeling of hydraulic hoses for underground mining
Project leader: Örebro Universitet
Funding granted: 435 000 kr
Partners: Epiroc

Miljövänlig smörjning vid bergborrning
Pre-study: Sustainable lubrication of rock drilling
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 500 000 kr
Partners: Epiroc, Sustainalube

Utilizing the isotopic and trace element fingerprint of sphalerite for traceability applications
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 243 000 kr
Partners: ALS Scandinavia

Gruvor och metaller i omställningen till ett hållbart samhälle – En utställning om aktuella fakta och statistik
Mining and metals in the transition to a sustainable society – An exhibition about current facts and figures
Project leader: Bergskraft
Funding granted: 495 000 kr
Partners: Georange, Lantbrukarnas ekonomi, Lovisagruvan. Stiftelsen Teknikens hus, SGU

3D modellering av elektromagnetiska fält från kontrollerade källor anpassad till malmprospektering
3D modelling of controlled-source electromagnetic fields adopted to mineral prospecting
Project leader: Uppsala Universitet
Funding granted: 330 000 kr

Feasibility study for seismicity forecasting in seismically active underground mines
Project leader: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Funding granted: 500 000 kr


The following four full-scale projects have been granted funding:

System för fjärrskrotning
Systems for remote scaling
Project leader: Mittuniversitetet
Funding granted: 800 000 kr
Partners: Boliden, Jama Mining machines

Project leader: SLU Svenska Lantbruksuniversitetet
Funding granted: 2 997 000 kr
Partners: Boliden, Gällivare skogssameby, Malå sameby, Mausjaurs sameby

Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion
Project leader: AB Etken Teknologi
Funding granted: 5 232 000 kr
Partners: Boliden, LTU

Automatiserad planering och koordination av autonoma fordon i underjordsgruvor
Automated planning and coordination of autonomous haulers in underground mines
Project leader: Örebro Universitet
Funding granted: 4 095 000 kr
Partners: Epiroc, Newcrest Mining


The following pilot project has been granted funding:

Högupplöst magnetisk kartläggning med UAV
High resuolution magnetic surveying using UAV
Project leader: Swedish Geological AB
Funding granted: 1 041 000 kr
Partners: LTU, Kaunis Iron



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