Successful evaluation of SIP STRIM recommends continued financing of the program


Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas finance 17 strategic innovation programs for collaboration in research and innovation. It is a government investment of a total of SEK 8 billion and the programs can receive funding for up to 12 years. Industry and other actors contribute with equal funding.

The first five strategic innovation programs have undergone major six-year evaluations during the year. The programs evaluated are Lättvikt, Metalliska material, Processindustriell IT och automation (PiiA), Produktion2030 and SIP STRIM.

The evaluation has shown that the investment in strategic innovation programs has led to broad collaboration, the spread of technology across traditional industry boundaries and strengthened international competitiveness of the participants participating.

– The evaluation shows that the programs have contributed to increased knowledge, new collaborations and to companies investing in research and innovation in Sweden. This type of player-driven national investment is becoming increasingly important as the rapid societal changes are taking place in Sweden and globally, says Darja Isaksson, Director General of Vinnova.

The evaluation, carried out by Faugert & Co Evaluation in collaboration with Technopolis Ltd and the Sweco Society, forms the basis for the authorities’ decision to continue funding the programs.

In the case of SIP STRIM, the evaluation shows that the program greatly contributes to strengthening competitiveness and thereby growth, and that the program have succeeded in mobilizing the key players in the Swedish mining and metal mining sector, which has led to national power gathering and mobilization.

SIP STRIM has done a successful job in business intelligence and internationalization. In several cases, leverage has been created for additional funding from amongst others Horizon 2020 and EIT RawMaterials. The evaluation shows that SIP STRIM have worked effectively to stimulate innovation and promote participation among SMEs, and that the annual innovation idea competition is a good example of an activity that contributes to this.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that the program has done good work on gender equality, and the program is recommended to develop it further to strengthen the program’s contribution to gender equality in the industry. It has also been noted that the scientific publications of the projects are to a high extent published in highly ranked journals.

– It is fun that the evaluation shows that SIP STRIM is a well-functioning program that delivers good results. The evaluation also shows that SIP STRIM has an important role to play in gathering the power needed to achieve the industry’s ambitious goals regarding sustainability and competitiveness. The program is based on the players’ commitment and it is thanks to them and their efforts that SIP STRIM is so successful. So, I would like to extend a big thank you to all the players who have worked with SIP STRIM over the years, especially to our board members and representatives in our Executive Committee who are an invaluable help to us. Of course, I would also like to thank everyone who has worked in the program office over the years, we are all involved in the great results that we have now been able to share.

Till Vinnovas nyheter

Final report from the evaluation (in swe)


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