Renframställning av tellur med hjälp av jonvätske-vätskeextraktion

Återvinning och metallurgiReningVätske-vätskeextraktion med joner


Luleå tekniska universitet



Johanne Mouzon



Syfte och mål

The goal with this Project was to find the optimal parameters to be able to purify Te by liquid liquid extractions. Very promissing results were found when using a 10% trioctylamine as a extractant in an aqueous phase comprising a 4M HCl. With the work done in this project the next step would be to develope the process on our pilot plant facility.

Resultat och förväntade effekter

An evaluation of three different extractants for the purification of Te has been carried out. Optimum conditions for an excellent separation of Te from other impurities were achieved when using 10 % TOA from a 4M HCl solution. Separation of ionic liquid from water was also analysed and achieved at room temperature in a centrifugal extractor.

Upplägg och genomförande

Batch liquid liquid extractions to separate Te from other impurities were performed. Metal analysis was done on aqueous phase by means of ICP-OES.