Modelling for the selection of remediation strategies for TSF


Luleå tekniska universitet


Christian Maurice



The aim of the pre-study is to develop a strategy to design multilayer covers able to maintain the sealing layer close to water saturation and thereby to prevent oxygen transport. The success of the method is therefore dependent of the properties of i) the soil used in the cover ii) the cover design and iii) hydrological conditions at the site. The objective of the project is to build a numerical model to assess the function of the reclamation measures for tailings storage facilities and to be able to evaluate the performance of various reclamation scenarios. A numerical model predicting oxygen diffusion will be developed on a real case scenario planned for the Kittilä gold mine and the results from the development work done at LTU with green liquor dregs and till mixtures. The main activities of the project comprise a literature survey of models, training by École Polytechnique de Montréal for two PhD-students (financed by MSCSA-GEORES project) to take advantage of and apply EPM’s experience of numerical modelling. Laboratory experiments will be done at LTU and EPM to evaluate of the properties of material available for the site.

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Ida Kronsell, Luleå University of Technology presents the project at Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020