Adaptiv automation för ortdrivning


Magnus Karlberg




Syfte och mål

To automate the full drilling cycle by: 1. Knowledge and interpretation of the surrounding environment 2. Generation and adaptation of a drill plan 3. Execution and monitoring 4. Verify the functionalities in real mining conditions and all this closely supported by advanced simulation technology and digital twin.

Förväntade effekter och resultat

The project will drive and implement technology components in a fully automated drilling cycle and by that contribute to the long-term goal of a fully automated mine without human presence in production areas. And in more detail contribute within these areas: energy efficient mining processes develop tools and systems for improved process control and optimization Minimizing human exposure at the production face Develop reliable remote control autonomous systems and equipment Optimized mining process

Planerat upplägg och genomförande

The project is organized into 8 WPs with a set-up of partner’s participation ensuring cross functional work. The simulated environment and digital twin developed in WP2 will support WP3 WP5 enabling technology development to be tested first in the simulated environment and thereafter go to field test in WP6. WP7 handles the research on next generation sensors and perception systems and will feed in to WP8 which aims to develop a whole cycle of drilling process in simulation. All work in the project is governed by WP1 that also ensure dissemination and external communication actions.