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We want to push for the development of a global standard for sustainable metals


The programme’s strategic project Tracemet has now come to an end. Work is underway to complete interim reports from the work packages and a comprehensive popular science final report. Svemin together with Swedish Mining Innovation initiated TraceMet. What is Svemin’s reaction now that the project is completed? Svemins CEO Maria Sunér gave her wiew on the matter. 

Why did Svemin initiate TraceMet?

We are convinced that in the long run, it will be necessary to be able to trace the origin of metals, and thus distinguish sustainably produced metals from other metals. Sweden is far ahead in our sustainability efforts and therefore we want to support our member companies in that work. They have high ambitions; they invest intensively in achieving fossil-free production and implement the industry’s new roadmap for increased biodiversity. We also want to drive the development of this traceability system because we believe that it benefits the Swedish mineral industry. Therefore, our investment in TraceMet is a way to be at the forefront.

What is your view on the result?

It is very exciting that the project has technically succeeded in developing a pilot for traceability. Sustainability certification for metals that can be reused and recycled is far more complicated than to environmentally certify a banana, for example. We are extremely pleased that the entire value chain, from mines to manufacturers, has been involved in the work. Our goal is to further develop this pilot system, to track other metals through yet more value chains.

What happens now?

We want to continue testing and broadening the TraceMet system. Swedish Mining Innovation has also signalled interest in a continuation. It can be about other metals, like those used in batteries, but also aspects such as social sustainability and biodiversity. We also want to have a dialogue with international partners and push for the development of a global standard throughout entire value chains for sustainably produced metals and minerals.

What do you hope will happen in the future?

In the longer run, we want to see global systems for better traceability of metals, systems that cover sustainability aspects through value chains. Social conditions can be the next step, as the working conditions in the metal industry is a big question, globally. We believe that the Swedish mining and minerals industry has a competitive advantage regarding those issues. TraceMet is a sustainable solution for creating a global standard, but the question of who will build and operate the system is still open for discussion.

The interview is also published on TraceMets web site at the project leader IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet.

What did TraceMet come up with?

– Welcome to the webinar March 18

The TraceMet project has now reached its end after 14 months of intensive work. Do you want to take part in the results and the possibility of introducing a traceability system for metals? Welcome to the expert webinar March 18!

The origin of metals in products is playing an increasing role for both consumers and producers. Therefore, Svemin and Swedish Mining Innovation took the initiative for the TraceMet project.

TraceMet has developed a system for calculating the climate footprint and proportion of recycled metal for iron and copper, all the way from mine to end product. The system contains an IT solution that keeps track of how the metal’s environmental performance changes when it is further refined by players throughout the value chain.

Thanks to the administrative instructions in the system, the metal can be certified by an independent party. In the long run, this could be the basis for a certification system for responsible value chains in the metal industry.

Industrial parties from the entire chain have participated in the work: the Boliden and LKAB mines, the processors Elektrokoppar and SSAB and the end users ABB, Scania and Volvo Group.

The pilot study is now complete and work is underway to collect the results in a popular science final report that will be presented at the webinar.

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Program and list of speakers will be presented shortly on Svemins web site.

More information

Project site: Tracemet – Traceability for sustainable metals and minerals


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