New round of The Metal Paradox

The Metal Paradox event was held for the second time since 2022 at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. Facilitated by researchers and specialists from RISE who used Design Thinking as a method to “solve” or work with a complex issue. This time with a new target audience.

“Everyone wants a fossil-free society, but no one wants mines, wind turbines or cutovers.” 
That’s what The Metal Paradox is about.


Workshop Day 1

The task is to explore a complex issue with the help of the method Design Thinking. The group was first introduced to Design Thinking as a concept and process where you work with Understanding, Defining, Creating Ideas/Prototyping and finally Testing. We got to listen to several experts who gave input to their perspective on the Metal Paradox to create as nuanced picture as possible. After that, it was time to dig in. In groups of four to five participants, the work began based on the method.

Some of today’s thoughts and comments from the participants were “interesting”, “curious”, “gained new insights and perspectives”. Tomorrow the work on “solving” the paradox will continue.

Workshop Day 2

Day 2 was about continuing to process the ideas that came from Day 1 with the Design Thinking method. All groups came up with an idea that they presented to the group linked to The Metal Paradox. It has been two creative days where we were challenged to think outside our own comfort zone using a method that was new to most of us. Inspiring days and we take new insights home with us to our daily work.

Many thanks to Lisa Carlgren, Elsa Kosmack Vaara and Fanny Lindh who arranged the event that was funded by Swedish Mining Innovation through VinnovaEnergimyndigheten and Formas, ett forskningsråd för hållbar utveckling.


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