Näringsminister Ibrahim Baylan

Ibrahim Baylan about the importance of metals and minerals in the green transition


During the day, the mining industry’s annual Top Management meeting was held at IVA in Stockholm. Attending the meeting were Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, to discuss current issues regarding the mining industry of the future together with leading people from the industry.

The Top Management meeting is an annual event organized by Svemin, SIP STRIM and Luleå University of Technology. The meeting that brings together leading people from the Swedish mining cluster raises current issues in innovation and research, and this year’s theme was the Mining Industry of the Future – ways to get us there.

Ibrahim Baylan initiated the meeting by emphasizing the importance of supply of metals and minerals to cope with the green transition, and Sweden’s opportunity for strengthened competitiveness by being a world leader in sustainable value chains.

– The Swedish mining and mineral industry is of great importance to Sweden, locally, regionally and nationally. It is therefore very gratifying to see how the mining industry takes responsibility and is taking the lead in the green transition, said Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation.

Jenny Greberg, Program Director SIP STRIM talked about the efforts that the industry made during the year, where a number of strategic roadmaps as well as a new research and innovation agenda have been developed. – Sweden’s mining industry has a clear and ambitious will where the focus is on fossil-free processes and sustainable production of metal and minerals. In order to achieve this, intensive technological development and research is required, but also that policy contributes to enable rapid development through better adapted permit processes and access to energy.

LKAB’s CEO Jan Moström emphasized the importance of sustainable trends, responsible sourcing and Sweden’s ability to position itself through long sustainable value chains. A prerequisite for success is that the challenge of traceability of metals can be solved, and Lars-Åke Lindahl, Head of Environment and EU Affairs at Svemin talked about the industry’s ambitions to provide a traceability system to meet the need for sustainably produced metal and minerals. High on the agenda for the industry is the challenge of skills supply, which was consistently evident in the discussions during the meeting.


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