Jenny Greberg, Programdirektör

Continued confidence in running Swedish mining innovation, now under the new name: Swedish Mining Innovation


Press release, Monday 1 juni 2020

The strategic innovation program for the mining and metal-producing industry SIP STRIM has worked for six years to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and gather the Swedish mining cluster for sustainable innovation. On June 1, the program enters a new three-year program period under the new name Swedish Mining Innovation, a name that more clearly signals the program’s area of operation.

In 2019, SIP STRIM, the strategic national innovation program for the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry, underwent a thorough six-year evaluation together with the other four first started innovation programs. The evaluation showed that the investment in national Strategic Innovation Programs (SIP) has led to broad collaboration, dissemination of technology across traditional industry boundaries and strengthened international competitiveness of the participants. SIP STRIM’s evaluation results showed that the program greatly contributes to strengthened competitiveness and thereby growth, and that the key players in the Swedish mining and metal producing sector have been mobilized to a national mustering of strength.

– We are extremely proud and pleased that Swedish Mining Innovation has continued to have the confidence to drive Swedish mining innovation forward, says Jenny Greberg, Program Director for Swedish Mining Innovation. The results of the evaluation show that we are a well-functioning program that delivers good results and that the program has an important role in gathering of the power that is required to achieve the industry’s ambitious goals regarding sustainability and competitiveness.

In order to strengthen the program’s identity, it is renamed to Swedish Mining Innovation at the start of the new program period. – It feels very good that in the future we have a name that clearly tells what we are, a platform for Swedish mining innovation. The change of name will strengthen our work, not least with our international commitments, says Jenny Greberg.

– Swedish Mining Innovation is an important enabler to gather the Swedish actors to continue to be a world leader and to lead the way towards the sustainable and efficient mining industry of the future, says Pia Lindström, HR and Sustainability Manager Boliden Mines as well as Chairman of the Board of Swedish Mining Innovation.

For more information, contact
Jenny Greberg, Program director Swedish Mining Innovation,, 076-129 66 02
Terese Ahlbäck, Communication Swedish Mining Innovation,, 070-637 99 80


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Jenny Greberg, Programdirektör SIP STRIM

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