Jenny Greberg, Programdirektör SIP STRIM

A few words from the program director


New times require new solutions

These are different times we are living in. The current situation clearly affects our industry, and our universities face new challenges to implement effective distance learning. We hope that the ongoing crisis will not have a large negative impact on our capacity to innovate, but instead increase our focus our innovation required to strengthen our industry’s competitiveness and realize the green transformation.


Here in the program office and the rest of the world the situation is somewhat different than usual. We continue at full speed with the important questions, but like many others, have had to cancel a number of planned activities or modify them to suit the current situation. For the first time in fifteen years we had to make the tough decision to cancel Bergforsk conference. We were particularly disappointed because we had planned a new concept under the name Swedish Mining Research and Innovation Day. We look forward to the conference next year with an even better program.


Beyond cancelling or modifying various events and activities, we are supporting our universities to changing to new digital education through an extra call. The call is to ensure that high quality courses related to mining and metal production can be given as distance courses. Applicants can apply for 40 000 kr to modify the courses for distance learning. The call is open until 31st May with a total budget of 400 000 sek. We are glad to be able to offer this and hope for many applications.


What feels extremely exciting is that after last year’s thorough 6-year evaluation we were given continued confidence to drive Swedish mining innovation forward. As we have already said, the evaluation confirmed that SIP STRIM is a well-functioning program that is giving good results and has an important role to create conditions for and support the innovation ecosystem that is needed to reach the industry’s ambitious goals for sustainability and competitiveness. In addition, the evaluation gave us a good basis to fine tune the program’s focus and content which is also facilitated by the fact that the program now has a staffing that will allow us to be fully the enabler the industry needs. June 1 enters a new program period and we will do so under a new name, a name that we believe will give the program greater visibility and understanding that we are working for innovation in Swedish mining. On June 1st we tell you what name we have chosen!


Right now, we have closed the application for our annual innovation idea competition. We have a record number of exciting ideas that we believe can have a great impact on our industry. The pitch event will be held on June 10th and this year we will be holding it digitally for the first time. We hope you enjoy joining us in cyberspace and are inspired by new innovations. As we have seen from previous years, it is not only the winner of the competition who has succeeded in realizing their idea, but new contacts have been created for participants and from these contacts ideas have been taken further. This year we have worked a little extra to find entrepreneurs who have previously worked with other industries but who have ideas that can solve challenges in our industry as well. There will be eight exciting pitches to inspire us. Take the chance to sign up as an audience, you will find all the information further down in the newsletter.


It is also fun to say that a few days ago we opened our big annual call, this year with the heading “Tacking sustainability, environmental and climate challenges in the mining and metal industry”. We have earmarked 20 million kr for the call, which closes in November, and we hope for great interest from both actors who have known us before, but also new actors who have not previously been active in the program. Join our digital call tour for more information!


We look forward to meeting you all “for real” soon, but until then, keep an eye on us on our website and on LinkedIn for more news.


Jenny Greberg, Program director

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