Programme day

16 November 2017

All project participants are warmly welcome to STRIM’s programme day at Quality Hotel in Luleå on November 16 at 10–19.

During the day we will present SIP STRIM and the opportunities available to you who participate in the programme. All new projects will be presented and we will also inform and discuss project support, leverage and internationalisation. The evening ends with a dinner.

Preliminary programme for the day:
09.30 Coffee
10.00  Welcome, Charlotte Andersson, SIP STRIM
10.05  SIP STRIM – about the programme, goals, visions and strategy, Charlotte Andersson, SIP STRIM
10.25  Project presentations:
miNing – Lino Nilsson
Test and evaluation of mechanical tunneling with TBS, Urban Holmlund
11.00  Method for successful project applications, Pär Johansson, LTU Business
11.30  Project follow-up, Matz Sandström, SIP STRIM
11.45  Lunch
12.45  Workshop – Internationalisation and upscaling, Matz Sandström, SIP STRIM
13.45  Presentations of new full-scale projects (5 min per pres., see list below)
14.40  Coffee
15.00  Presentations of new pre-studies (5 min per pres., see list below)
15.40  Workshop summary, Matz Sandström, SIP STRIM
16.10  Information H2020, Jenny Greberg, SIP STRIM
16.30  Expectations and activities within EIT RM, Katarina Öqvist, EIT RawMaterials NCLC
16.50  End
17.00  Dinner


New fullscale projects:

VectOre – Exploration criteria for polymetallic sulphide mineralisation and industrial carbonates
Nils Jansson
LTU, Björka Mineral AB, Boliden

Efficient comminution operation (ECO)
Andreas Johansson
LTU, Innovative Machine Vision pty Ltd, Optimation AB, Vale SA

From word to action – sustainability management system for social acceptance
Helena Ranängen
LTU, Boliden, Svemin

Face-to-Surface II – improved production efficiency in sublevel caving
Daniel Johansson
LTU, Agio, Atlas Copco, LKAB

Daniel Johansson
LTU, Atlas Copco, Boliden, Forcit

Follow-up and control of articulated machines with external sensors
Todor Stoyanov
Örebro universitet, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Atlas Copco Rock Drills, Brokk

Estimation of the risk of rockfall and optimisation of rock reinforcement in deep underground mines
Erling Nordlund
LTU, Lundin Mining, Boliden, LKAB

New digital 3D model of the Grate Kiln pellets process for reduced energy consumption and emissions
Staffan Lundström
LTU, LKAB, Taoshi Energiteknik AB

Mining industry and indigenous peoples: regulations, best practice and social innovation
Karin Beland
LTU, CAMECO, Das Nedhe Development, English River First Nation, University of Northern BC, University of Saskatchewan


New pre-studies:

Development of a numerical modeling method for assessing the risk of seismically induced damage in deep mines
Erling Nordlund
LTU, Lundin Mining, LKAB

Extraction of molybdenum as an added value in steel production
Martina Petranikova

Quantitative characterisation of iron ore pellets with optical microscopy and machine learning
Martin Simonsson
Ductus Preeye AB, LKAB

Energy efficient and intensified leaching with ultrasound controlled cavitation
Örjan Johansson

MinFroth – Characterisation of froth in mineral flotation of sulphide ore
Marie Sjöberg
RISE, Boliden

Estimation of the stress state from stress-induced failures and data from drill core
Maria Ask
LTU, Fracsinus Rock Stress Measurements AB

Innovative exploration drilling and data collection test center: I-EDDA-TC
Bjarne Almqvist
Uppsala universitet, Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB

Seismic image with hammer drilling as source: SIHDS
Christopher Juhlin
Uppsala universitet, LKAB Wassara AB


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