Mining@ORU 2024 – Mining Ecosystem Bergslagen

3 October 2024

Thursday October 3rd, 2024, 09:00-14:00, Örebro University

Bergslagen remains an important mining region today, with numerous ongoing initiatives aimed at innovation and sustainable development. This area not only continues to produce raw materials but also serves as a hub for technological, social, and cultural advancements in Sweden.

Örebro University is part of Swedish Mining Innovation, the strategic innovation program for the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry. Since March 2024, the University has also been part of a new innovation program, Metals&Minerals, which aims to ensure a sustainable supply of metals and minerals, supporting societal transitions. This initiative, part of the Impact Innovation commitment by Formas, Vinnova, and the Swedish Energy Agency, emphasizes collaboration across SMEs, academia, large companies, and society.

In addition, Region Örebro County is involved in a two-year project to enhance regional mining ecosystems in the European Union. This project aims to contribute to the green transition and strategic autonomy in minerals while improving the well-being of citizens in the region. It is led by the OECD in cooperation with DG Reform.

Join us at Mining@ORU 2024 to explore these themes. Maria Swartling, program director of Metals&Minerals, will discuss our strategies. Andres Sanabria from OECD will outline key takeaways from the mining regions project, including the study trip in Bergslagen in May and a summary of the regional profile with suggested priorities and policy actions to enhance the regional mining ecosystem. Stefan Sädbom, exploration geologist of Bergskraft, will share insights on ongoing projects in Bergslagen. Birgitta Johansen, director of Örebro County Museum, will reflect on Bergslagen’s history and sustainable future from ecological, economic, social, and cultural perspectives. The event will also feature presentations on research projects and collaboration initiatives aimed at advancing sustainable mining practices in Bergslagen and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the exciting developments in Bergslagen and how we can work together towards a sustainable future in mining.

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