From an innovative idea to a successful business


In 2021 RockSigma (former RS Solutions) was one of the two winners of the Innovation Idea Competition. They won with their fully automatic and self-learning calculation system, BEMIS, that provides fast and accurate information about seismic events, predicts seismic activity based on production plans and creates tomographic images that show changes in the rock mass. 

How did the idea of BEMIS come about?
-It all started more than 10 years ago, with R&D at LKAB, where our founders Wille Törnman and Jesper Martinsson were researching methods and algorithms for processing data, collected by the measurement systems installed in the Kiruna and Malmberget mines between 2007 and 2010. Applying to the Innovation Idea Competition then made complete sense, since winning would open a unique opportunity to take the next steps in the development of the company, says Emil Svanberg, CEO at RockSigma.

In addition to winning the idea competition, RockSigma has applied for and received our internationalization grant that enabled them to participate in Sweden-Canada Innovation Days in Montréal and Sweden-USA Mining Days in Tucson, in October 2023.

How has Swedish Mining Innovation and our activities contributed to the continued development of your ideas and to the company?
-Most prominently, so far, was our participation at the Sweden-Canada Innovation Days and the mining delegation to Tucson, Arizona, earlier this fall. We received financial support to help with the travel expenses. Without the support, we probably would not have participated and our approach to the North American markets would have been put on hold.

RockSigma – One of Sweden’s 33 best startup companies according to NyTeknikThe companies chosen are judged to be innovative, have scalable business models, and have the potential to grow rapidly in the Swedish and global markets. Not only RockSigma but also two other Swedish Mining Innovation Idea Competition winners made the list in 2023!

“The fact that RockSigma, Flasheye and Hypex Bio are all included on the prestigious 33-list and are also previous winners of the Swedish Mining Innovation Idea Competition is a great success for the companies of course, but also for the Swedish mining cluster, the work in our SME-network and for the program. We are more than happy being able to support their work in the mining sector.”

Niclas Dahlström, Senior Project Manager, Swedish Mining Innovation


How does the future look?
In the next few weeks, we are closing a first round of investment to provide the finances needed to drive our growth. Being on the 33-list certainly helps!  In the short term, our strategic goals are focused on closing deals with mines in Australia, where our first campaign has been focused.  After that, in the slightly longer term, we will also establish a footing on the Canadian market. We are mainly working directly with mine operators, but over time, we expect that working with partners will increase our exposure and capacity towards the markets. To manage this ambitious plan, we will extend our team with up to 10-12 people in the next three to four years.

RockSigma’s success story started with an innovative idea and they are now continuously contributing to the mining sector with ambition, innovation and technology for the future. Inspiring!


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