70% fewer reindeer killed in traffic per year


That´s the amazing result of the project Safe, sustainable transports in reindeer husbandry area that was carried out by Sattajärvi Sameby in collaboration with Kaunis Iron, LKAB, LTU and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Since the restart of mining in the Kaunisvaara mine in 2018, the number of vehicle movements has increased on the road section between Autio and Peräjävaara (aprox. 10 kilometers), which runs through the winter grazing area of Sattajärvi Sameby (a Sami reindeer herding and economic district). Every day, about 200 trucks pass by. In addition, other traffic related to the start of the mine has increased, which in turn led to an increased number of road-killed reindeer. In addition to the loss of reindeer, the presence of reindeer on the road causes a disruption to traffic and thereby an increased risk of personal injury in connection with collisions as well as material costs.
This was the reason why the project started and now, after two years, has been completed with very good results.

“In addition to the good results, it has been very fun and educational to cooperate with all project partners. It is new to us but very important that we find ways to co-exist and solve common challenges together”.

Johanna Finnholm, Project Manager and member of Sattajärvi Sameby.


The results of the project are above expectations
In order to achieve results, the project has developed a method for the Sameby regarding the collection and feeding of the reindeer. They also built a new fenced pasture with an automatic feeder and food bell to call in the reindeer. A camera has been installed in the fenced pasture to keep track of when the reindeer are there to adapt the animal transport better and they have supplemented the existing pasture with running water so access to snow is not crucial. As a result, fencing and feeding can be started earlier. And now that the project has been finalized, the project team can conclude that the results have exceeded expectations.


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