Play for Change


Initiatives that creates cultural value for many – and the need for more genuine collaboration between the cultural sector and industry. This was the theme of the event Play for Change in Luleå, where industry, culture and the public sector were invited to better connect with each other in the transformation of society. The innovation programs Metals & Minerals and Swedish Mining Innovation took the opportunity to participate.

– An important focus for us is social innovation – which is about increasing people’s well-being by finding and solving social needs in new and innovative ways. A diversity of social innovation initiatives is absolutely essential to enable all the technological innovation that society needs in the context of the huge industrial investments that we see ahead of us around Sweden. This event is a good example of how we can promote dialog and increase collaboration,” says Niclas Dahlström, head of Metals & Minerals’ Social Innovation work package and part of Swedish Mining Innovations Programme Office.

The main focus of Swedish Mining Innovation’s projects is on technological innovation, but for several years we have funded various initiatives around culture and social innovation.

– There is of course the opportunity to do so much more and a first step is, as Katti Hoflin said in the introduction, “To be more in the same room and learn from each other” says Beatrice Lind, Swedish Mining Innovation. The Programme Office looks forward to more initiatives of this kind in the future.

Ann-Sofie Gyllenhaal & Beatrice Lind


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