Traceability – Spårbara metaller för en hållbar framtid




Svemin, LTU

Frida Höjvall



The main objective of the project is to present possible processes for traceability that relevant stakeholders will review and, based on the conclusion, select a feasible process that is appropriate and meets the requirements on a transparent and trustworthy traceability system. The project will analyse how chain of custody models and approaches can be developed, with support from modern technology, for tracing the life cycle journey of copper. It will describe the properties that can be traced by the different models and compare implementation requirements in terms of costs, tracing procedures and market acceptance. To ensure the trust on the market and protect the certificates from falsification, the applicability of blockchain technologies will be investigated. Copper is chosen as a first user case in this project because the metal is mined in Sweden and is an export metal. The goal of the project is to have stakeholders agree on a concept ready to be tested in a pilot study as a next step.

Final report

TRACEABILITY OF SUSTAINABLE METALS – a blockchain-based solution (eng)


Traceability of sustainable metals – a blockchain-based solution


Projektet är en del av Svemins satsning Mineralbidraget
#mineralbidraget – branschens bidrag till det långsiktigt hållbara samhället