Gender and diversity

Although the Swedish industry is generally very good in terms of gender equality and diversity, much can still be done to improve the situation.

The mining industry has traditionally been a strongly male dominated industry, but global competition, new technology and the demands for efficient and safe production demand that the mining industry needs to attract new groups of people.

Attractive mining communities

Gender and diversity issues are also important for the communities where the mines are located to avoid a divided labour market with low-paid women in the service sector and high-paid men working in the mine. The migration of women from these communities today is high, which makes the communities vulnerable.

One challenge is to attract a varied group of young people to begin studies that can lead to jobs in industry.


The Swedish mining industry is world-class when it comes to breaking both ore and sex patterns. The workplaces are attractive to both women and men, and this helps to create prosperous mining communities where people thrive and remain.