Europe is heavily dependent on the import of a variety of minerals and metals. Despite the fact that we use more than 20 per cent of the global production of metals and minerals, we produce only 3 per cent.

The bedrock in Europe has good potential for new mineral finds, but large areas are under-explored and competition for land is a major concern for the extractive industry

Deeper and better in three dimensions

Future exploration will focus on finding mineralisations deeper in the Earth’s crust where there is not as much information available.

Exploration at depth requires improved methods for drilling and geophysical methods that can penetrate deeper. With knowledge about the three-dimensional structure of the bedrock and with improved ore geology models, exploration targets will be easier to locate.


The aim of the thematic area is to provide Sweden with the technology and knowledge needed to find deeply located mineralisations. This should lead to a higher degree of self-sufficiency of metals and minerals, and at the same time reduce conflicts on land use.