VRSE system

Attractive workplacesMining


Innan AB


Nicklas Karlsson



Innovation Idea competition winner 2017

Purpose and goal
Investigate and determine a business model, monitoring system and management system for virtual training scenarios that gives the user ability to see and measure the quality of the safety level in real time. The system must be able to manage transferring relevant data during practice sessions and deliver it in a customer friendly way. Investigate the business model, packaging and customer offering for market entry. The goal is to make a business model with a working system for data deliverance to customers in use of virtual and interactive simulations.

Structure and implementation
April 2017–May 2017: Explore the users needs and requirement for a system and functionality through interviews. Control the user needs and requirement of the system and functionality by user test of prototype. May 2017–August 2017: Develop customer web with user system, interface, functionality and design. August 2017–October 2017: User testing of produced web, system interface and customer friendliness. October 2017–December 2017: Customer optimisation of web functions, user interface and system usability.

Expected results
The expected effects should give the user a possibility to measure the quality of the safety comptence level at the company in real time and give the user indications of the need for refresher educations. The result would give the user a better working environment and also give the possibility to have a high level of safety comptence over time.