Virtual reality mine at Teknikens hus


Stiftelsen Teknikens hus


David Dahlberg



Teknikens hus will be setting up a virtual reality (VR) mine in connection with their existing mining exhibition. The purpose of the project is to arouse curiosity and generate interest in and understanding of what work is like in a state-of-the-art mine today. Teknikens Hus will make sure that the environment is attractive to boys as well as girls, and that sufficient information is provided before the experience so that they can understand what will happen and how to use the equipment.

The project will also see if it is possible to include the exhibit in educational programmes aimed at school children.

The technology and the VR mine that will be used have been developed within the framework of the SIMS project financed by the EU ( The VR mine has been developed with a focus on communicating modern mining to both the general public as well as the industry. The SIMS mine will also become a permanent feature at Tekniska museet, from where the results and work will be beneficial for reaching a wider audience from its base at Teknikens hus.