VR/AR mining environment


Luleå tekniska universitet


Bartlomiej Skawina



Purpose and goal

The aim of the project was to bring the student closer to the environment that they are studying. This was achieved by means of using VR/AR environment. The integration of the system in the lectures was successful and all deliverables are completed.

Expected results and effects

The Virtual Mine Environment creates a better climate and effectively activates the students. New information contributes to effective teaching providing the alternative learning technique and provides sensual immersion of the studied system. In addition, the results from the project can be implemented in other courses and used to improve the VR/AR platform.

Planned approach and implementation

To achieve the objectives of engaging with students on different levels, the students explored the virtual mine and described its existing activities, equipment, and infrastructure. In this way, it increased the student´s level of engagement, increased the degree of learning-related activities, and it brought the students closer to the studied environment. Project conclusions have been disseminated in the workshop.