Virtual Reality Lab LTU


Tobias Bauer




Purpose and goal

The purpose of LTU´s Virtual Reality Lab is to create attractive research and learning environments where academia and industry can meet through using virtual environments for visualization, simulation and analysis of products and processes in LTU´s strategic research and innovation areas “Attractive built environment” and “Future mining”. Our objective is to enable for researchers and students to carry out studies on function and activity in realistic, virtual environments, in close collaboration with existing research and learning environments at LTU.

Expected results and effects

The virtual reality lab at LTU has become a great success and is widely used in both teaching and research. Several courses use the VR lab to create virtual environments in order to increase the learning outcome. Among other things, there is a virtual underground mine and a digital city model. At the same time, many research projects use the modern 3D possibilities as a complement to traditional methods. The VR lab is popular among students and lifts our courses on a top level.

Planned approach and implementation

The VR lab was built in 2016 and 2017 and inaugurated in March 2017. The lab was constructed around a 6×2.2 meter screen with active 3D technology and sensors for head and hand tracking. The room can accommodate about 40 people. In 2018, the VR lab was upgraded with an HTC Vive VR system that can be operated in parallel with the large screen.

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