Update of the competens roadmap for Steel and Mining Nation Sweden


Jesper Hedin




Purpose and goal

The purpose of this project is to renew and update the Swedish steel and mining industry competency roadmap .The goal is to present a Competence Roadmap with an updated need analyses and specify the investments needed to ensure that the industry´s skills and training needs at all levels are met in both the long and short term.

Expected results and effects

An updated roadmap used in various contexts. The roadmap shows the efforts that need to be made, both by the companies and that of the rewarding society. With the roadmap the work will be able to be coordinated and prioritized.

Planned approach and implementation

** Denna text är maskinöversatt ** The project will be carried out mainly by the same organization that made the previous competency roadmap, Paues Åberg. The work is proposed is mainly focus on 3 parts. 1. Make editorial changes. 2. New text production. 3. New reform proposals. The work will take place through interviews and literature studies