The potential of innovative drill core scanning in the mining and exploration industry



Minalyze AB


Mikael Artursson



Idetävlingsvinnare 2015

Purpose and goal
QA/QC routines have been defined together with the participating companies. The scanning technology have been demonstrated both at Minalyze and remotely. Scanning routines have been established based on a number of completed scanning projects. Data for effect analysis have been gathered and discussed with the participating companies. A workshop has been conducted in order to inspire students. Students of geology from different institutions participated and contributed both through practical exercises as well as through discussions.

Structure and implementation
Drill samples from an array of projects and a number of companies have been sent to Minalyze and have been scanned within the set time frame. The action plan was thoroughly followed and the plan worked well.

Expected results
All of the drill cores that were sent to Minalyze have been successfully scanned and the results met the expectations that had been outlined in the goals at the beginning of the project. Many of the effects that the data would have on the process have been verified through the participating companies.