The Metal Paradox, part 2


Melinda From




Purpose and goal

Arrange an event, a design sprint, where people with different skills gather around one of the mining industry´s major sustainability challenges: the metal paradox. The challenges we will look at are how we can design the mining landfill of the future, how we can increase the understanding of the Swedish mining industry´s role in climate change and how we can increase awareness of metal consumption? The primary aim is to appeal to and engage new target groups and arouse interest in the mining industry. Secondary aim is the design sprint´s problem solution and results.

Expected results and effects

The work of producing this event is greater than the event itself. It is about how the industry is perceived and how we attract new target groups, but it is also a great learning involved in the work, where the actors will have access to new knowledge about how to actually work actively with inclusion and gender equality in communication, creation of events and other activities The project will work actively with the communication function at SMI, which in turn can apply this to other activities. If the event is successful, vi believes in a wider spread than just the participants.

Planned approach and implementation

A challenge for the project is to reach the desired target group. At the beginning of the project, we will therefore test two concepts on the target group, to see which packaging is most attractive. The event lasts for two days in the form of a design sprint, a proven way of working to tackle problems in a short time, find innovative solutions and evaluate ideas together with the target group. We also work with the design model Double diamond where the participants work exploratively both with the need and with the solution. The results are communicated to SMI for further dissemination and reuse.