The metal paradox design sprint for new solutions


Melinda From




Purpose and goal

During the early autumn of 2021, we have carried out this planning project to investigate the conditions for a new event that attracts the target group of women more. In addition to workshops, RISE has carried out concept development (event concepts and communication materials) and begun preparations to evaluate the concept with the target group. The planning project has produced a concept sketch and a structure for how the event should look, be packaged and communicated and the concept is now ready to be launched.

Expected results and effects

The result is an event that will address three important challenges within the framework of Swedish mining innovation. 1. How can we design the mining landfill of the future so that people want it in their “backyard”? 2. How can we increase the understanding of the role of the Swedish mining industry in climate change. 3. How can we increase awareness of metal consumption? The challenges will be addressed in a new event for the Mining Industry which will be launched in the spring of 2022 in a design sprint with a clearly defined target group that is new to the industry.

Planned approach and implementation

During in-depth workshops, we have deepened our understanding of the target group and what an event would look like. The target group is a woman who is interested in technology but has not yet opened her eyes to the industry. We have developed various concepts that we want to test on the target group sharply before we launch the event. For example, we believe that a packaging, where we offer training in design sprint, would attract a new target group, but this will be explored in more detail in the next step Another important parameter is how we create long-term change and anchoring in the industry