T7025B Project Course in Rock and Soil (distance education)


Luleå tekniska universitet


Jasmina Toromanovic



Purpose and goal

The aim of this project has been to adapt the course T7025B to online teaching. Through the comments and response of the students, we see that the course has met the goal.

Expected results and effects

The students had good comments on the course, especially appreciated was the presentations of their work when the industry panel was involved. Having the industrial panel was new for this year. The online adaptation has gone well.

Planned approach and implementation

The course worked well to give online. It has also been easy to invite a panel for assessment of the project work of the students, feedback from them was appreciated. A part to develop further in T7025B can be to be even more clear, both in lessons and in the course site (Canvas). We see that there are often more questions when the teaching is online in comparison with “regular” teaching.