Systems for Remote Scaling




Boliden Mineral AB, Jama Mining Machines AB

Mårten Sjöström



Purpose and goal

Remote operation of the hazardous scaling process in mining enables improved safety, productivity and more attractive workplaces. The project will employ a Remote Operation System for Scaling (ROSS) with visual and auditive feedback in an operational mine in order to assess durability, scaling performance, and quality of experience. Furthermore, an Augmented ROSS (AROSS) will be implemented in a mine-like lab with latest augmented telepresence technology to support the operator with enhanced and supplementary information. The two systems will be compared.

Expected results and effects

Boliden has a long-term goal to run the mine 24-7 without people in the hazardous areas. The project will have taken the next step for remote scaling by addressing previously identified issues, performing scaling in an operational mine, and investigating next generation remote technology. The ROSS will have reached TRL7, and necessary development will have been identified to remotely operate Jama scalers in production. The AROSS will have reached TRL4, and its technology will have been ranked for the next generation remote operation systems.

Planned approach and implementation

The ROSS will be applied to a Jama Scaler and tested in a production area in a Boliden mine, whereas the AROSS will be built and tested in a mine-like laboratory at Mid Sweden University. The test results will then be analyzed and compared between the systems. In a workshop, young women and men will generate ideas for the AROSS user interface. Thereafter, the ROSS and AROSS will be updated and further tested, and new results analyzed. The final systems will be demonstrated, and results will be disseminated in conferences.

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Presentation slides from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020

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