Sustainable learning with SIMS VR-mine in Science Center environments


Framtidsmuséet i Dalarna




Purpose and goal

A collaborative project with 9 of Sweden´s science centers, and the Svenska Science Centers industry association, which will jointly develop the physical experience environments, to contribute to increased knowledge among: children, young people and the general public, about society´s needs for metal and minerals. Focus on circularity, sustainable value chains and a sustainable use of natural resources as an enabler for a green society. It will also contribute to increased learning about how to design inclusive pedagogical exhibition environments with VR as a central part.

Expected results and effects

By increasing interest and knowledge of modern mining from an objective sustainability perspective, the project is expected to contribute to social acceptance of mining, and contribute long-term to the future supply of skills in the mining industry. In addition, the project is expected to produce concrete examples of how to create exhibition environments that challenge the learning of different target groups and connect school with business and society. The project has the potential to reach many people because every year a total of approx. 2 million visitors to Science centers.

Planned approach and implementation

The implementation is divided into localization of different target groups, development of pedagogical approaches for the target groups, content and design of physical test environments. Tests with the target groups, of VR environments and pedagogical material are carried out and evaluated gradually during the project. Training for staff on participating science centers, educators within the school, and staff from Sweden´s other Science centers will also be implemented.