Sulfur removal from sulphur containing iron ores


Swerim AB


Mikael Larsson



Purpose and goal

With this pre-study the overall aim is to increase the knowledge necessary to develop a thermal treatment method to efficiently remove sulphur from the mineralization. This study will investigate the mechanisms and pre-treatment steps needed to successful develop the concept into pilot scale testing. The overall objective with the proposed project is to suggest a process concept that allows to treat and transform slphur containing mineralization into minable ore.

Expected results and effects

Expected goals after a successful development of the process concept in pilot scale and demonstration in full scale are: -an energy efficient process concept, fossil free with high utilization of chemical energy -Increased yield, expected yield improvement of 3-6% compared to flotation -Development of a sulphur containing mineralization into a ore resource. Specific results after a carried out pre-study are: – understanding of required process properties to ensure efficient utilization of chemical energy in the ore -Plan for large scale pilot demonstration

Planned approach and implementation

Initial studies on the iron ore indicates that thermal treatment of the ore is possible and efficient removal of the unwanted sulphur in the ore concentrate is possible. A roasting operation is preferable to capture the sulphur as SO2 in gas treatment system. The work proposed contains the following activities: -Theoretical study regarding thermal removal of sulphur (rotary kiln, fluidized bed etc.). -Thermodynamic study regarding processing windows -Material characterisation related to thermal processing -Identifying of potential partners for full scale project