Strategies and indicators for mining safety

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Luleå tekniska universitet


Jan Johansson



Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of the mining industry based on lessons learned, experiences and principles from successful national and international examples, with the goal of developing strategies and proactive indicators to improve safety work.

Structure and implementation

The project is designed so that the mining industry is initially mapped with respect to safety. This mapping is done among other things through a survey of Swedish and international mining companies. This survey identifies a number of cases, which are examined in detail in a second step. Here, successful strategies and practices are identified that contribute to a high level of security. In the third step, these strategies are analysed, focusing on the development of strategies and proactive indicators for the promotion of security.

Expected results

Expected effects and results are the development of practically useful strategies and proactive indicators that can improve safety work and, in the long run, safety in the mining industry, which helps to make the companies involved safe and attractive employers. This applies to the mining companies themselves as well as the contractors engaged in industry.

More information

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