Standardization of methods and equipment for rock reinforcement testing


Lars Sandberg




Purpose and goal

The pre-study shall investigate prerequisites for, and deliver a base for deciding on the start of an international project to develop ISO-standards for rock reinforcement testing.

Expected results and effects

This is a pre-study and the expected result is a basis for deciding on the start of an international project to develop ISO standards for rock reinforcement testing. The expected effect in a longer perspective is to build a system with globally accepted and continuously updated standards for rock reinforcement testing that contributes to increased pace of innovation through a more structured and efficient development process. The result will be improved underground safety in the mines.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is organized in 6 Work Packages: WP1-Project coordination WP2 – Mapping of rock types and load cases in deep mines WP3 – Mapping of existing test standards, test methods, and test laboratories WP4 – State-of-the-art analysis on research in rock reinforcement and test methods WP5 – Key partners, countries, and available funding WP6 – Develop a road map towards international standards The majority of the research and investigation work will be conducted by Swerim and LTU with support from remaining project partners.