Society’s future needs for metals and minerals for a sustainable and digital society in a 2030 and 2050 perspective





Over the last few years a number of studies and reports have tried to predict society`s future need for metals and minerals. Some studies have been focusing on the need for energy transition and electrification, some have taken a broader scope, including building of infrastructure and other societal needs.

The objective of the proposed project is to identify existing studies/reports at the national, European and international level, evaluate their relevance and quality and make a report with “best estimates” of national, European and global metal demand 2030 and 2050. This will be complemented by an assessment of the Swedish potential to meet this demand.

The work will be carried out as a desk top study, and will be led and reviewed by a steering group with representatives from the mining sector (Svemin, LKAB, Boliden, Lundin Mining, Talga Resources (tbc)), Luleå University of Technical and SGU (the Swedish Geological Survey).