Semi-automated Dismantling System for Battery Metal Recovery and Recycling


Eduard Marti Bigorra




Purpose and goal

The project aims to research and develop recycling techniques that enable industrial-scale recycling of critical raw materials from used ion batteries. Within the project, we will promote the technical maturity of an innovative, automated disassembly process that is crucial for the efficiency of large-scale mechanical recycling and recycling of metals from lithium-ion batteries.

Expected results and effects

The outcome of the project is expected to be the following: (A) Detailed mechanical study of the disassembly process, (B) Risk analysis, (C) Development, and validation of the necessary robotics tools in operational environment (TRL 7 tools) , (D) Development of verification and operation computer vision algorithms (TRL 7 software), and (E) Integrated system prototype demonstrated in operational environment (TRL 7 system). Besides, the project will give rise to major spill-over effects in the field of robot dismantling – a very new branch of Automation engineering.

Planned approach and implementation

The project will last a total of 24 months and consists of 5 Work Packages with shared responsibilities between the project partners Unibap, MDH and Northvolt.