Selective and efficient molybdenum recovery from steel making dusts


Chalmers Tekniska Högskola AB




Purpose and goal

The main goal of the leverage project was to write a proposal for ERA-Min call, create relevant consortia based on the academic and industrial stakeholders from Sweden and other EU countries and submit the proposal. This was done as planned. Despite high quality proposal, which was awarded with a high score, proposal was rejected due to Portuguese overrepresentation in the call.

Expected results and effects

The result of the leverage is a high-quality proposal with a competent and experienced international consortia. Moreover, Finnish VTT will join in the next call bringing Finnish industrial stakeholders to the consortia. Swedish steel industry is highly interested in the objectives of the proposal and supports the activity.

Planned approach and implementation

Proposal suggested six work packages in which whole value chain would be provided for the waste treatment. Consortium had eight project partners. Five from the academia and three industrial partners. Five different countries were involved.