Seismic image with hammer drilling as source: SIHDS



Uppsala Universitet


LKAB Wassara AB

Christopher Juhlin



Purpose and goal
To test if the signals from the Wassara hammer can be used for seismic imaging of the surrounding rock. The reason for this is twofold. The hammer is expected to generate stronger seismic signals than normal diamond bit coring. Furthermore, Wassara already has a measurement while drilling system in place that records the drill bit signature at the rig site.

Structure and implementation
The method will be tested during the Fall together with Wassara. The drill site is to be determined after the start of the project. Seismometers will be placed around the drill site and the signals analysed. Correlation of the pilot signal from the hammer with the recorded signals can provide an image of the subsurface.

Expected results
Know if it is possible to look below the bit with this technology. If so, the seismic images could be very useful for determining when to go from hammer drilling to core drilling.