SafePos II – Safety positioning for the mining industry II

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Haukur Ingason


Purpose and goal
The goal is to enable detailed positioning of emergency personnel in case of a fire in the mine and thus increase safety for both the mining and rescue personnel. The project includes development of current technology, adaptation to visualisation systems, investigation of the potential for and development of new technologies for emergency services in order to facilitate the movement, monitoring and information exchange between the scene of the fire and the Command and Control center by utilising the new opportunities positioning and connectivity provides.

Structure and implementation
In the early phases of the project a broader study, based on the pre-study, of how todays technology for positioning and connectivity can be used at fire and rescue operations will be performed. A system for ad-hoc positioning will be tested and evaluated. How positioning and information exchange best is used during a fire and rescue operation in a mine will be analysed. Tactics and methods for fire and rescue operations, based on the new technology, will be developed. Education material for support at implementation will be produced.

Expected results
New technology, tactics and methods as well as education material for higher education and professionals will be produced within the frame of the project. By increasing the possibilities for positioning and connectivity (communication and information exchange) at fire and rescue operations in complex underground structures the working environment for both mining personnel and first responders will be safer. The results will also be a profound base for further development towards remote controlled fire and rescue vehicles.