Roadmap for a fossil-free mining and mineral industry


Svemin AB


Erika Skogsjö



Roadmap for a competitiveness and fossil-free mining and mineral producing industry is a part of Fossilfritt Sverige.

SIP STRIM has financed the roadmap that Svemin in cooperation with RISE has produced during 2018-2019. The first interim report was handed to the government on 25 April 2018, and in the beginning of April 2019 the industry presented the final roadmap to the government within the framework of Fossilfritt Sverige.


The project is part of Svemins initiative Mineralbidraget
#mineralbidraget – branschens bidrag till det långsiktigt hållbara samhället

Project plan

Purpose and goal
The aim of the project is that the mining and mineral industry (and possibly the metal producing industry) will contribute to Sweden being fossil-free in 2045. The goal is a roadmap describing how the mining and mineral industry can achieve this by 2045. Sub-objective: Partial reporting on April 1, 2018 which will be presented to the Government Offices. Targeted information about the project and its results including a debate article at project termination.

Structure and implementation
The project is mainly carried out by a working group that has a stakeholder group. A follow-up group will be attached to the project under AP 1. The work is carried out in six work packages:
AP 1: Define delivery until April 1st
AP 2: Define boundaries and a common future image
AP 3: Situation assessment, overview of the challenges and driving forces of the mining industry today
AP 4: Work Planning
AP 5: Impact Assessment
AP 6: Report, communication and dissemination of information

Expected results
In addition to contributing to Sweden being fossil-free by 2045, the work created from the roadmap is also expected to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish mining and mineral industry so that it can continue in a fossil-free society after 2045. Working for a fossil-free industry contributes also to increased energy security by becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.