ReLoad: Robot-aided long-term autonomous drilling




Todor Stoyanov


Purpose and goal
The pre-study resulted in a concept configuration of a drilling rig with autonomous reloading capacity. The design was verified both using kinematic simulations, as well as a part of a mock-up laboratory set-up. The developed software and the obtained results will be used to inform future full-scale concept implementation.

Structure and implementation
The design of the pre-study as two complementary exploration directions has resulted in a comprehensive work-cycle simulation. Through these two components we were able to estimate expected reloading times per bolt and expected success rate of reloading for different vehicle configurations. This has resulted in a baseline for future concept designs and full-scale implementations.

The concept vehicle designed within the project would be capable of supplying new bolts to a drilling rig, under a predetermined set of conditions. The proposed technology would be feasible to implement, and has been proven under simplified laboratory conditions.