Reduced environmental impact and promote safety during blasting RENIS


Nikolaos Petropoulus




Purpose and goal

The objectives are to measure the fumes production during the detonation of different emulsion explosives compositions and how the (CO, CO2, NO and NO2) gases vary with respect to different recipes and to investigate the behavior of the detonators near charged boreholes. The aim of the objectives is to optimize the emulsion compositions to reduce the production of the toxic fumes and to reduce the undetonated boreholes due to damaged detonators. Both objectives contribute to a safer working environment and less environmental impact during the blast.

Expected results and effects

The development of an optimum recipe of emulsion without compromising the performance. The expected outcome of the project is to develop a guideline regarding the minimum distance between the blastholes to save the detonators and increase the possibility of detonation. Both results are valuable for making the working environment safer and greener.

Planned approach and implementation

The proposed tests involve a series of experiments at a special blasting chamber and a mining site. All partners involved in this project will contribute expertise through the work packages. Regular meeting and workshops have been identified as a successful tool for reducing lead time to implementation and distributing new findings. In addition, a conference paper will be published at the end of the project.