Prestudy of rocks comminution with very high pulsed microwave power


Uppsala Universitet


Dragos Dancila



Purpose and goal

The purpose of this feasibility study project is to clarify and demonstrate the potential for using high-power microwaves in the mining industry with the goal to reduce drastically the energy consumption required to break different rocks, as to become complementary to comminution methods. This project is realized as preparation for a complete project where the implementation of this technology will be planned and adapted to the Swedish mining infrastructure in various mineral processing applications.

Expected results and effects

During this feasibility study project, we will qualify a microwave source in pulsed mode to break down different rocks. Expected results are a working prototype that shows the feasibility of the technology and verification of the energy efficiency that follows from the adoption of this new technology. Finally, a technical-economic evaluation will also be carried out to scale up the technology to a larger number of industrial users, to prepare the full-scale project in collaboration with important actors in the Swedish mining industry.

Planned approach and implementation

The weakening of rocks with microwaves is an interdisciplinary research topic. We need development in microwave technology, material characterization, and experimentation. We also want to understand how we can adapt this technology to the mining industry and involve different Swedish mining actors. The feasibility study project is structured in three work packages, which are detailed below: WP 1, Installation of the microwave source WP 2, Microwave applicator development and material characterization WP3, Experimentation and techno-economic evaluation of technology