Predictive Modeling of Hydraulic Hoses for Underground Mining


Örebro universitet



Johannes Andreas Stork



Purpose and goal

Most mining vehicles have hydraulic driven manipulators. The hydraulic fluid is transported over reinforced rubber hoses, which are often loosely attached and at risk of damage. This project is about modeling flexible hydraulic hoses that are connected to mining machines and aims to predict hose conditions under different machine configurations.

Expected results and effects

This project will result in a report outlining the accuracy of different models for predicting the future state of a hydraulic hose that undergoes deformations. This will allow further developed to a realistic scenario in a future innovation project. In the long term, the results of this pre-study and following project will contribute to increased robustness and safety of underground drilling rigs, fewer maintenance operations, and more efficient and cost-effective ore extraction.

Planned approach and implementation

We will start by collecting a dataset of representative deformations that a hydraulic hose undergoes while in operation. Next, we will implement and configure state-of-the-art kinematic and dynamic models of a hydraulic hose. Finally, we will validate models on the collected dataset.