Platinum-group elements in Swedish Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides


Luleå tekniska universitet


Uppsala universitet, University of Barcelona

Thomas Aiglsperger, LTU



Purpose and goal

This pre-study project aims to give an overview for the potential of platinum-group elements (PGE; i.e. Os, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pt, Pd) hosted by Swedish Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides. PGE have special physical and chemical properties that make them indispensable in high-tech industries. However, the worldwide supply of PGE is currently controlled by only two countries, South Africa and Russia making PGE critical materials for the EU. In this light, it is essential to investigate the potential of PGE within Swedish target minerals such as Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides.

Expected results and effects

The expected effects and results are: To provide a more complete picture of the PGE geochemistry of Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides found in Sweden To describe the prevailing PGE mineralogy in Swedish Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides using innovative hydroseparation techniques To compare the PGE characteristics of Swedish Ni-Fe-Cu sulfides from different ages and localities To re-evaluate the potential of PGE in Sweden based on analytical data from this study To define target zones for PGE exploration within Sweden for future projects

Planned approach and implementation

In a first step this pre-study project will start with a detailed literature research on possible target units. The SGU (partner of this pre-study) hosts one of the world´s largest drill core archive and provides access to associated analytical reports. 50 samples will be selected and sampled for whole-rock geochemical analyses. Based on these results (e.g. PGE content; element correlations; chondrite-normalized patterns; etc.) most promising samples (up to a maximum of 10 samples) will be studied further in detail on their PGE mineralogy.

More information

Presentation from SIP STRIM program day 2019