Off-road Dynamic Charging


Volvo Construction Equipment AB


Lunds universitet

Anna Sannö



Purpose and goal

The project aims to evaluate whether the use of Off-road dynamic charging could enable a fully electrified mining operation. Objective for the project in this first step is to create system models for how dynamic charging can enable a fully electrified mining operation as well as investigate the conditions and partners for a technical demonstrator.

Expected results and effects

The project includes modeling of an underground system based on machine use and various aspects of energy needs. A specification with system requirements will be prepared based on different energy solutions for mining. Modeling of different end customers´ working cycles in rock quarry, above ground and underground mine will be carried out. Furthermore, the suitability of different charging solutions will be evaluated and a design of a charging system will be created based on customer application and work cycles.

Planned approach and implementation

Project management will run throughout the project (WP1). In the work package 2 (WP2) a specification of system requirements is developed. In the work package 3 (WP3) various charging solutions and development needs are modeled, simulated and evaluated, based on the end customer´s application and work cycles. In the work package 4 (WP4) designs of a suitable charging system are designed for adaptation to performance and requirements with regards to safety. In the last work package (WP5), the work is planned for the next step.