Numerical simulation for optimization of rock drilling and loading for mining


Luleå tekniska universitet


Luleå tekniska universitet, Boliden AB

Simon Larsson



Rock drilling and loading include several physical phenomena such as the contact between the drill bit and rock material as well as the interaction between drilling fluid and drill cuttings. The scientific goal of this pre-study is to create realistic numerical models for drilling and loading of rock material. The results of the study will enable the understanding of the physical and mechanical phenomena concerning the interaction between rock material and fluids during drilling and the interaction between rock and equipment during loading. This is a fundamental step for future optimization of rock drilling and loading in the mining industry. Furthermore, the results from the simulations will increase the understanding of the complex Multiphysics conditions during rock drilling and enable the prediction of wear during drilling and loading. The numerical models will be validated against field measurements at Boliden’s open pit mine in Aitik.