New digital 3D model of the Grate Kiln pellets process for reduced energy consumption and emissions

Decreased environmental impactEnergy efficiencyPelletisationRecycling and metallurgy


Luleå tekniska universitet


LKAB, Taoshi Energiteknik AB

Staffan Lundström



Purpose and goal
The main aim is to develop a new digital 3D model that can be used to control and optimise the flow in rotary kilns for reduced energy consumption and environmental impact and increased pellet quality. Additional goals are: A general simulation methodology that can be used on any complex system involving fluid flow. Increased understanding of the pelletising process regarding at least three phenomena. A demonstration of how advanced experimental techniques can be used in harsh industrial environments. Publication of papers in highly ranked journals.

Structure and implementation
The project consists of four work packages: WP1: Simulation of flow and combustion in the pilot-scale experimental combustion furnace. WP2: Measurements in pilot-scale with advanced experimental techniques. WP3: Simulation in full-scale geometry. WP4: Fluid mechanical investigation for innovative solutions to promote a stable and energy and environmental efficient combustion process. Hence, the project is moving from pilot scale modelling and validation towards full-scale implementation.

Expected results
Implementation of the model can help reducing the environmental foot-print of mining and contribute to sustainability in terms of more optimal use of energy and reduced emissions, as well as increasing the quality of the pellets produced. The results will also form a firm basis for innovative solutions regarding in-situ flow control, like running simulations in advance, discover malfunctions before they happen and act accordingly to prevent it. The close collaboration between industry and academia ensures relevant research, strengthening the competitiveness of the partners.

More information

Presentation from SIP STRIM program day 2019

Presentation slides from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020