National network for mining municipalities


Georange Ideella Förening


Swedish Geological AB, AKK Arctic Consulting, LTU, Bergskraft Bergslagen AB, Kaunis Iron AB, SGU, Lovisagruvan AB. Municiplaities of: Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg, Hedemora, Askersund, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Lycksele, Malå, Norberg, Norsjö, Pajala, Skellefteå, Skinnskatteberg, Storuman, Övertorneå, Älvsbyn.

Håkan Tarras-Wahlberg / Jan Ots



The project is a result of a previous strategic project funded by Swedish Mining Innovation called “Mining-Society”. In that project, a number of conclusions were drawn regarding the role of municipalities and their opportunities to influence the permit process for mining & mineral projects and the planning of mining projects. It was noted, for example, that the EIA processes included in the permit application for a mine are of almost as much interest and dignity for the municipality concerned as it is for the company that runs the process. This is a direct consequence of the fact that although municipalities often have a relatively limited role in the permit processes concerning concession minerals, they have a considerable responsibility to ensure that the consequences that arise (positive and negative) are handled satisfactorily. Municipalities are also responsible for both general and detailed planning of land use. It was concluded that there was a need to better understand the role of municipalities in the permit processes – according to law and in practice – and to examine the need for possible improvements in this regard. Furthermore, it is important that the knowledge and capacity of some municipalities is strengthened, with the intention that they should be able to participate in the processes in a better way and that they should be able to act pro-actively where possible and relevant.

Project summary 
The project supports municipalities in their work to ensure that mining and mineral projects contribute to positive societal development and welfare. The project has the following sub-goals:

  1. The establishment of a national network of mining municipalities, including a platform for the exchange of experience and expertise.
  2. Analysis & sharing of existing knowledge and experiences from municipalities with extensive experience of mining and mineral projects.
  3. Analysis & sharing of relevant tools and / or guidelines concerning the work of municipalities.
  4. Analysis of the role and obligations of municipalities in permit processes and monitoring of mining and mineral projects in accordance with Swedish law and relevant EU legislation.
  5. Relevant and good international examples of the role of local authorities in the management / supervision of mining projects are compiled and analysed.
  6. Assessment of the need for a possible formal investigation concerning changes in law and practice to facilitate the work of mining municipalities.
  7. Investigation of the needs and associated business opportunities related to the provision of support and guidance services to mining municipalities.